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My girlfriend is asexual

my girlfriend is asexual

Still, it's possible that you might actually find—like my partner did—that you are more sexually compatible with an asexual person than anyone. Hey r/ asexuality, not sure if this is the right place but I was hoping you guys could help me. A few days ago I made a post asking for advice in. I am 23 and have recently moved in with my girlfriend of 3 years after we both graduated. I was her first real boyfriend so we took things very  Is My girlfriend asexual. No matter my sexuality, though, I don't get why it's such a hang-up for people; If you're asexual, how do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?. Dear Dr. Frankie: I've been dating my girlfriend for 7 months and she is fantastic. Sweet and funny, a great person, but she is asexual and I'm. So, I hope this isn't against the rules, but I'm not Asexual myself. I just have a unique situation and I don't know where else to go for.

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